Seiko SLA017 Series Blue Dial Waterproof And Luminous Replica Watches For Sale

Seiko cheap fake watches were relative latecomers to the professional dive watch game, coming some 10 years after the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the Rolex Submariner. Released in 1965, the legendary Seiko 62MAS (ref. 6217) was Japan’s first professional dive watch and inspired a long tradition of Seiko divers that has seen the brand release some of the most widely used and respected divers on the market. In fact, some of Seiko’s own design innovations contributed to the foundation of the ISO 6425 dive watch standards.

Waterproof Seiko fake watches for sale.

So, when the news leaked, that Seiko were finally answering the prayers and wishes of collectors by releasing a re-creation of the iconic 62MAS, the watch world was abuzz with excitement. Was it true? Were the pictures fake? Will they accept MasterCard? All was revealed at Baselworld 2017, when Seiko unveiled one of their most faithful vintage reissues ever, the Prospex SLA017. In fact, if you spotted someone wearing the modern re-creation, you would have a hard time distinguishing it from the original, without resorting to some expert level wrist stalking.

The SLA017 Seiko replica watches are almost exact duplicate of the original 62MAS. It has the same utilitarian case shape, with sharply angled edges, integrated short box-like lugs, and oversized screw-down crown — even the screw case back is inscribed with the same oddly cute dolphin as the original. However, the case is now slightly larger — at 39.9mm wide and 14.1mm thick, it’s been upsized for modern tastes but kept as true to the original as possible, even being finished with the same circular brushing on top. It’s also now coated in what Seiko are referring to as a “super-hard coating”, to protect it from scratches. The only other notable difference is the water resistance, which has been increased from the original 150m to 200m, again, designed for the modern wearer and to meet industry ISO standards. To further meet these standards the narrow bezel is now unidirectional and in staying true to the original, uses the same font and style for its almost fully graduated 60 minute markings, with an identical circular pip of lume at zero. It also has the best action of any Seiko bezel I’ve ever handled, with a distinctly crisp feel. The crystal has been upgraded to a glassbox sapphire, in a nice departure from the norm of Seiko’s usual proprietary Hardlex.

Stainless steel back Seiko fake watches.

My favourite design feature on the original was the stunning colour and finish of the dial — thankfully Seiko have perfectly recreated it on the modern re-creation. It radiates between a dark anthracite to a light grey in colour and using the same style baton hands and applied rectangular hour markers as the 62MAS, which are generously filled to their polished edges with lume. The date window is also framed with the same polished border, just like it was on the original. My only issue is that the Seiko lunimous fake watches logo is now printed, instead of being raised and applied to the dial. However, overlooking that one little fault, all other dial writing is comparable to the original – the only change in text referring to the change in water resistance.

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